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Announcing the Newest Invited MBA Offering: A 4-Week, Summer Intensive Mini MBA!

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WE are NOW offering the Invited MBA as a 4-week, summer intensive mini-MBA.

To increase accessibility for all rising leaders, we are excited to announce the Invited MBA 4-week summer mini-MBA!

Invited MBA participants with nontraditional, professional backgrounds like transitioning teachers, veterans, and stay-at-home parents make up a significant percentage of each 12-week cohort. As a result, the Summer Intensive allows more rising leaders to accelerate their careers, shift industries, and gain business acumen.

Session Duration

The timeframe for spring and fall Invited MBA cohorts is 12 weeks, allowing busy professionals to level up their career on a part-time basis over the course of three months. Alternatively, the new, shorter offering is ideal for professionals with flexible or limited summer work hours. The Summer Intensive is also beneficial for quick learners or individuals who can commit to longer learning sessions.


Members of the shorter cohort will participate in learning and development exercises every weekday, with flexible paths in the morning and evening. The curriculum will mirror the 12-week cohort option and consist of study groups, case studies, simulations, and opportunities to network with like-minded professionals and industry experts. 

Choosing What’s Right for You

Which session is right for you? You can find program highlights outlined below to identify which session fits your needs.

Choose the Spring Cohort if:

  • You work full-time, all year
  • Reflecting on a lesson for a few days helps you retain information
  • You enjoy shorter lessons over a longer period of time
  • You’re ready to build your network, level up your skills, and elevate your career

Choose the Summer Intensive if:

  • You have summer off, or you can adopt a flexible work schedule
  • Learning more information, every day motivates you
  • You enjoy focusing for several hours in the learning space

We are now enrolling for the Spring Cohort and Summer Intensive Invited MBAs. Apply now.

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