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3 Reasons to Take the Invited MBA Instead of Harvard Business School Online

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What makes the Invited MBA different than CORe? Which one is better?

The Invited MBA team is often asked how our mini-MBA program compares to Harvard Business School Online, and which education option is better. It’s a great question, particularly since the founder of Invited MBA is a proud HBS alum, as are many of the program’s facilitators.  Given the close connections, here are three reasons why the Invited MBA is different:

1. hands-on learning is more effective than lectures

There’s nothing wrong with discussing business issues (in fact, they are many case studies in the Invited MBA program), but the lion’s share of the Invited MBA curriculum is focused on learning by doing. 

The simulation experiences that capstone each section (strategy, finance, and people management) have been used at thousands of top organizations in the world. This form of experiential learning puts participants in the shoes of executives or people managers — something that is difficult to create in theory alone.  The Invited MBA doesn’t ask “how would you act here?”, it implores you TO ACT and learn from the consequences.

2. collaboration builds retention and community

Online courses you work through on your own time have a place in learning business skills (The Invited MBA utilizes additional materials to help those new to finance get up to speed).  But, the Invited MBA program relies on live, synchronous conversation.  In fact, the curriculum is designed for you to have time to get to know your study group, your fellow classmates, and a set of mentors with the experience you need in order to get where you want to go.

You don’t have to do this alone, and the Invited MBA program guarantees you won’t.

3. Cohort-based structure allows for 1:1 interaction

Frankly, the Invited MBA has a smaller network than Harvard.  It’s not a secret that Harvard Business School attracts professors who built a framework in the 90s and have been teaching for 20+ years.  But being part of the Invited MBA community means more than a badge or having access to videos of Michael Porter.  The Invited MBA program facilitates real-time lessons from business executives that actually respond to your emails and enjoy being an active part of a growing community. This intentionally supports its own in learning, growth, and long-term professional aspirations beyond the program itself.

There’s a time and a place for everything (yes, including Harvard).  That said, the Invited MBA was built “untraditionally” from the start.

If you’re ready to think a little differently and get your hands on some real-life business challenges, let’s get started.

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