Career Workshop: How To Give and Receive Feedback

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Employees and managers typically dread giving or receiving feedback.

Feedback can be one of the things people dread most at work. Discussing performance, introducing suggestions for improvement, and talking about goals for the future can be unnerving or fear-provoking. But it doesn’t have to be. When there is a clear understanding of expectations about how people can be successful in their role and in the company, they become more engaged and tend to give more when they believe their efforts are being appreciated and directly contributing to company success.

Join us for an interactive workshop on how direct, honest, and crucial feedback can help build a better workplace and drive you to be more successful.

Learn the knowledge and tools to:

  • Give, receive, ask for, and use feedback
  • Deliver constructive feedback that is graciously received
  • Embrace feedback as a learning tool and contributor to growth mindset
  • Utilize various models for initiating customer and staff feedback
  • Respond to feedback to encourage more of it
  • Identify when to give effective and positive feedback

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