Think Like a CEO

Become CEO for a day and improve your business acumen in a fun, fast-paced business simulation game! To succeed, you must build a hypothetical company focused on creating long-term value. 

This highly interactive program will illustrate how your decisions drive value in a business and how to think like an executive no matter where you are in your career.

“The ‘Think Like A CEO’ event was an eye-opening experience.  Everyone thinks they can run a company, but can they really?  This simulation tells you in real-time if you have what it takes to be a CEO of a company.  The results surprised everyone in the group.” – Josh, previous attendee

“Think Like A CEO rewards business acumen—no matter what your education or prior experience is. A lot of people in my industry—nonprofits—don’t give themselves credit for making business decisions every day. This event removes the ‘mystique’ from the CEO title, highlights your level of business acumen, and positions you to think like an owner. I wish all my nonprofit colleagues could experience Think Like A CEO” – Kyle, previous attendee

What To Expect

You’ll be paired with fellow attendees and put in the driver’s seat of a hypothetical business where you will:

  • Balance variables and feel the pressure of making economic trade-offs. 
  • Put your business skills to the test and learn from your successes and failures. 
  • Learn to confidently understand financial data and make decisions that drive business value.
  • Make quarterly decisions to manage your operational, sales & marketing, and financial functions while developing and executing an innovation strategy

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