Richa Batra: Using Curiosity to Get Ahead

Richa Batra is an executive with over 15 years of experience leading teams of up to 1,200 people and has worked in educational technology for over a decade. But she didn’t always know about the industry that would go on to shape her career. By following her instincts and curiosity, Richa has been able to build a career with a strong mission-driven focus that has a direct impact on students.

In this interactive session, Richa will share the story of discovering the field she is in now and how she has made decisions that have led her to direct large teams with scaled impact. We’ll discuss the process she follows to discern what her next step will be and how she’s been able to grow an impactful career with a decade-plus tenure at the same organization, Anthology.

Richa will answer questions you have about leadership, identifying your next opportunity, and leveraging your passion to build a resonant career.

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