Networking Event: The Austin Forum on Technology & Society

Join us virtually or in-person Tuesday, February 7, for a presentation and networking event with the Austin Forum on Technology and Society: Simulation, Visualization, Digital Twins, and the (Useful) Metaverse.

About the Event:

Being able to simulate physical processes with high fidelity on powerful computers is important to research, design, manufacturing, and more, across fields and domains. Likewise, being able to visualize data and simulations helps us humans understand, trust, and share information and understanding. We are now seeing these methods combined, in ‘digital twins,’ which are models of things, places, infrastructure, etc. that use physics-based simulation, realistic visualization, and sometimes AI-enabled behaviors. And now, we can collaborate to develop and bring all this together in virtual environments of digital twins–a practical, useful metaverse! Join us as Marc Hamilton of NVIDIA returns to Austin to share how these technologies are advancing our capabilities to understand, design, and create everything from research simulations of complex phenomena to more accurate digital representations of things we wish to test, evaluate, and make/build. These powerful technologies are transforming how we work, and understanding the now may give your career or company competitive advantages in our rapidly changing markets and society.

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