Do You Understand The Assignment? Finding the Balance Between Higher Ed, Certification, and DIY Training

Presented by Austin Digital Jobs

We’re going to chat live and take your questions about HOW to get to the next step in your career.

Whether you’re thinking about going back to school or want to know if there is a less invasive option, we’ve been thinking through this lately, too. There might be some simple DIY paths to consider, or programs and certifications to take into account.

Let’s talk about the thought process leading up to that decision and what you should take into account that you might not yet be considering.

Questions will be welcomed!

This live event will be hosted by Austin Digital Jobs (ADJ) Founder, Lani Rosales and the fine panelists include:

  • Luke Owings, VP of Product, Head of Invited MBA
  • Mercedes Lorenzo, Services Executive at Auctane, Fall 2019 Invited MBA Alum
  • Martin Jones, Studio Director at Austin Studios, Spring 2021 Invited MBA Alum

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