Career Workshop: Three Steps to Making Better Decisions

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We make thousands of decisions consciously and unconsciously every day. We’re constantly faced with an increasing number of choices, but are we making the right ones?

Executive leaders are confronted with the need to make quick, high-impact, and far-reaching decisions, and rising leaders are expected to grow their decision-making skills to be ready for their future careers.

Learn how to become a better and more effective decision-maker from Matthew Confer, VP of Strategy and Business Development at Abilitie, the company behind the Invited MBA!

Session Highlights:
+ How to be an effective decision-maker
+ 3 Steps to better decision making
+ What paralyzes us from making effective and important decisions?

About the speaker:

Matt Confer is the Vice President of Strategy & Business Development at Abilitie where he formulates the road-map Abilitie utilizes with new client relationships and key partners in the learning & development industry. Matt explores decision-making and other leadership topics with top thought leaders like Jonah Berger, Kara Goldin, and Dr. Ken Blanchard on his podcast, Learn to Lead.

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