Becoming An Effective Manager

Identify your personal leadership style in a 3-week Fast Track Program.

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June 7 – 24, 2023

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Master the Art of Managing and Influencing People

Becoming An Effective Manager is designed to accelerate your people leadership skills to put you in the best position for your next promotion. You will gain insight into your personal leadership style, practice managing interpersonal conflict, and learn how to empower individuals using their unique motivators.

Our highly collaborative, social learning-based program teaches you how to bring teams together, coach your direct reports, and create positive change within your team and organization. You will develop the skills you need to lead people to achieve success.

Your career path is unique to you – your business education should be too.

What You Will Learn

  • How to empower individuals through their unique motivators
  • Your individual leadership style and how to leverage it to coach your team to success
  • How to balance the need to get work done with interpersonal team dynamics

Who Will Benefit?

For new or aspiring people managers looking to uplevel their capabilities and learn effective tools to support direct reports.

1,500+ alumni from top organizations

100% virtual, live cohort-based program

You won’t be learning alone! You’ll grow your network while learning alongside your peers

Verified Certification

A recognized digital certificate and badge to verify the skills you attain through the Invited MBA

A Pathway to Leadership

No degree required; 2-5 years of business experience ideal; English proficiency required

The Curriculum

Build your people management skills and discover what it takes to lead teams through hands-on practice. You will gain an understanding of your personal management style and learn tools to meaningfully support and motivate teams.

Module 1


  • Understanding individual leadership styles and motivators
  • Managing self
  • Supporting and managing teams

Module 2

People Management

  • Connecting with organizational values
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Understanding employee motivators

Module 3

People Leadership

  • Being present
  • Coaching high performers
  • Building trust
  • Setting clear expectations

The Schedule

3-week certificate program
7 hours of virtual classroom time on our metaverse campus each week
4-6 hours of preparation and project work with peers each week

2023 Summer Cohorts meet 2x each week
Case Study Days: Wednesdays from 11:30am-1:30pm CST
Experiential Learning Days: Fridays from 9am-2pm CST

Schedule subject to change.

Summer 2023 – 3-Week Fast Track
Fall 2023 – 3-Week Fast Track

How To Apply

It’s easy. No transcripts or application fee. What matters most is your desire to learn and engage with fellow participants.

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Upcoming Programs

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We’re accepting applications from both corporate partners and individuals who are ready to step up their skills. Start your application now!

Becoming An Effective Manager – Summer

Identify your personal leadership style in a 3-week Fast Track Program.

For new managers and aspiring people managers.

Start Date
June 7, 2023

Application due




Becoming An Effective Manager – Fall

Identify your personal leadership style in a 3-week Fast Track Program.

For new managers and aspiring people managers.

Start Date
September 13, 2023

Application due

August 9 (Early Bird)



The Invited MBA Gets Results

Makenzie Chilton

Fall 2021 alum

I’m so happy I joined this program to gain the skills I needed to advance my career and grow my understanding of myself, my strengths, and my leadership abilities.

Amy Avila

Spring 2022 alum

For as long as I can remember, I’ve learned best by doing, and the Invited MBA’s hands-on learning and collaborative projects provided many opportunities to grow as a leader.

David Aponte

Fall 2021 alum

Since the Invited MBA, I’ve been promoted to a Senior Manager position and have been able to share leadership tips with others to strengthen their skills as well.

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