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The Invited MBA is proud to partner with Teach For America to support Teach For America alumni and program participants.

Whether your next steps involve taking a leadership role in your school or district, exploring social policy and advocacy, or you hope to land a role at a mission-driven company, the core skills provided by the Invited MBA will help you get there.

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Our Alumni Get Results

The Invited MBA is a perfect place to make the transition from education to business. In the words of former teacher Gina Curran: “It wasn’t your traditional MBA where I had to commit to a two-year program…. I just needed a little bit of everything: Finance, leadership, and marketing. And that’s exactly what the Invited MBA is.”

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and go on to do amazing work in non-profit project management, business consulting, and leading public health organizations.

“I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn some new business skills. … The Invited MBA helped me transition out of the classroom and into business.”

“This program has already helped me in my new career! I’ve brought many of the ideas and strategies I’ve learned back to my team, and we’ve seen an increase in our clarity of vision, efficiency, and plans for growth.”

“The flexibility of online learning, bringing people in from around the country/world, and intensive work over a short period is perfect for those who want to continue their education without taking on even more student debt!”

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