Fall 2019 Graduation

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Our goal is to inspire you to dream big, help you to learn in an engaging way, connect you to like-minded professionals, and give you the tools to transform you into an executive leader. See what our alumni have to say about the Invited MBA program.

Valerie Figlin, Fall ’19

Program Manager, Community Operations at Facebook

I’ve been really inspired by how many people are entrepreneurial in this program. For my study group, I’m the only one that was working in a more corporate job. So I think having just the inspiration of seeing them achieve their dreams in an entrepreneurial perspective, I think is a good motivator for me as well.

Valerie Figlin, Fall ’19 – LinkedIn

Kyle McCall, Fall 2021

Program Manager, Law Enforcement Triage and 23 Hour Observation Unit

I knew I wanted to take on additional leadership responsibilities. The Invited MBA took me to the next level so I was able to get the job I really wanted.

Kyle McCall, Fall ’21 – LinkedIn

Rachel Renier, Fall ’19

Account Manager at Status Labs

Working with a team in business challenges that are outside of my domain were really useful for me to take back to my full time job. Thinking about my clients from different perspectives, from a financial perspective, from a marketing perspective.

Rachel Renier, Fall ’19 – LinkedIn

Martin Jones, Spring 2021

Studio Director at Austin Film Society

After graduating, I launched a deal that involved a lot of analytics … Having been in Invited MBA, it helped me to deliver on something that was a game changer. I couldn’t have done that without this program.

Martin Jones, Spring ’21 – LinkedIn

“The Invited MBA helped me level up my career and gave me a more seasoned skill set. The business acumen and experience has helped me understand how a business functions. I also have a better grasp on how to make decisions that benefit the organization as a whole.”

Andrew Overby, Fall 2021 – Product Owner, Community Brands

“Since the Invited MBA, I’ve been able to lock in three new long-term clients. I can without a doubt attribute that to my experience and the skills I learned in the program.”

Makenzie Chilton, Fall 2021 – Business Owner, Love Your Mondays

“The action learning project provided a great experiential opportunity to utilize the skills we learned in the program. The network gained is also a high value component of the program.”

Raj Bhakta, Spring ’20 –
Operational SCM Analyst at Equinor

“Unless you see it, hear it, do it … you don’t learn in a way you will remember for the future, when you actually need to apply those skills. The Invited MBA program did that.”

Gina Curran, Fall 2021 – Former Teacher

“When I took the Invited MBA, I was looking for upward mobility and for that next step in my career. The Invited MBA gave me confidence in my people leadership capabilities to apply for more senior roles, and I’m a lot more comfortable with business acumen now.”

Lindsey Hollingsworth, Fall 2019 – US Vibe Lead, Canva

“Besides the expanded networking opportunities, the most valuable part of being part of Invited MBA is that I learned more about myself and the hidden skills that I had.”

Ketan Patel, Fall ’20 – Contracts Counsel, Medicaid Managed Care, Texas Health and Human Services

“The Invited MBA allowed me to gain more financial acumen and expand my management understanding so I can bring more value to my team members, peers, and top leadership.”

Angela Amaya, Fall 2019 – Systems & Data Manager, PeopleFund

“I initially applied to the Invited MBA because I’m a wantrepreneur. I’ve been wanting to get some ideas about how to start a business and understand the financials behind it. My Invited MBA connected me with people who have had that real world experience, and it was so incredibly helpful.”

Charlie Parkin, Fall 2019 – VP of Sales, MVF

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